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The Montana Beef Council has many resources to help educate consumers, youth, and the general public about beef, from production and animal care to the important nutrients beef provides.



The Family Favorites Cookbook is bringing healthy, great-tasting meals to your family table. 
The Family Favorites Cookbook contains recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner to fuel you with the power of protein. Contact us to order your copy.


Confident Cooking with Beef is designed to provide the basics about beef - from choosing the right cut for your meal and knowing what to look for in the supermarket, to mastering each cooking method and putting the best beef on your table.

My Plate Poster and Tear Pads are your resource for nutrition and activity tips that support MyPlate and the 2015 Dietary Guidelines.  Shows how to choose a healthy plate with lean beef and a delicious stir fry recipe. Roasts are impressive cuts that make for a dramatic display, especially if you carve at the table. Dazzle your guests by giving the gift of flavor this holiday season

The latest research on heart health and lean beef presents a new way of thinking: lean beef can be part of a heart healthy diet. We have handouts and resources on the BOLD study and how to incorporate beef daily to lower cholesterol levels. 
Big Nutrition in a Small Package is a powerhouse of beef nutrition information.  We all know beef tastes great-but did you know that beef can be good for you, too?  This brochure will answer your beef nutrition questions while providing delicious & nutritious beef recipes. 


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