The Montana Beef Council is pleased to offer highly qualified peer-reviewed educational materials to Montana teachers.  These materials are made available by the beef checkoff, which is paid by Montana cattle producers to fund beef education, promotion, and research programs.  

These materials are FREE for Montana teachers. Some may be downloaded and reproduced and some may be ordered and shipped to you. 

Montana Family and Consumer Science Teachers

Basics About Beef- 24 page student booklet that covers all aspects of buying, sorting, preparing and serving beef.  Basics has been updated and is now available in PDF format. 

Introductory Beef Selection and Cookery Lessons - two lessons cover reading the label, selecting cuts and connecting the cut to the cookery method. Created by: Medan Aden, FCS educator. 
Beef Basics Lesson 1
Meat Labels
Beef Primal Cuts Worksheet

Beef Cookery Lesson 2
Beef Cookery Methods Worksheets

Ground Beef Taste Test Lessons - two new lab-based ground beef experiments which incorporates Family and Consumer Sciences National Standards. 


In this game, students explore the beef production process from cow-calf ranch to feed yard. The game is aligned to math and career readiness standards for grades 3-5.




In this game, students build meals using beef and navigate grocery store challenges, with the help of Meat Counter Mat! This game is aligned to science and health standards for grades 3-5.



The Montana Beef Council is pleased to offer FREE educational materials for your Food and Nutrition classes.  If you have specific requests please contact us. 406-656-3336

Or contact Suze Bohleen, Montana CattleWomen contact for grades 7-12 beef education.
Suze: 406-578-2369, 

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